Turnberry Village 1 – Family, Section 42

101 Wigwam Hollow Circle,
Macomb, IL 61455

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Turnberry Village features 88 single-level apartments with individual private entrances. Married students and students with children are welcome. Most units have income restrictions and applicants must meet program requirements.

Section 42 Eligibility
In order to become eligible for the Section 42 Units, we must verify the income and assets of all household members over the age of 18. The total household income for the first year of occupancy must be under the income guidelines established by the Illinois Housing Development Authority. The income guidelines are established by using 60% of the median area income and are listed below:

Household Size Income Limit (Effective April 1, 2018)
1 PERSON ————— $27,960
2 PERSONS ————— $31,920
3 PERSONS ————— $35,940
4 PERSONS ————— $39,900
5 PERSONS ————— $43,140
6 PERSONS ————— $46,320

Student Status – IMPORTANT

There are various restrictions on full-time students living in Section 42 Housing. If there is a full-time student in the household, you must be able to answer yes to one of the following questions:

1. Are you married to a household member and eligible to file a joint tax return?
2. Do you receive AFDC or TANF other than food stamps?
3. Are you enrolled in a government job-training program?
4. Are you a single parent with minor children and neither is claimed as a dependent on another persons’ tax return?
5. Will there be at least one non full-time student living in the household?
If you are unable to answer YES to at least one of these questions you would need to apply for a Market Rate unit.

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